June is jewelry time for Dads and Grads

Dad would love this Rolex

Dad would love this watch

This is the month that hosts Father’s Day and many high school and college graduations. Here are some great jewelry gift ideas for dads and grads.

For Dad: Beyond the necktie

Ladies obviously have the advantage when it comes to jewelry, but as you’ll see, the men aren’t left out.

  • Watches: A computer watch may do more, but nothing says elegance like a new or vintage wristwatch. They’re available at a number of price points, but the higher-end brands can be very collectible. This is an opportunity to get the man in your life started on a fascinating (and possibly expensive) collection.
  • Bracelets: Fashion shows big, bold bracelets for men. Gold or silver chunky chains can be worn with his watch or on his other wrist. Narrow cuff bracelets are also in the “gifts for dads” section at the higher-end stores.
  • Neck chains: How about silver dog tags with the kids’ names on them? Or even a small jewel? Decorative but still very masculine.
  • Money clips: Silver or gold with a gem or engraved initial. Wallets are bulky…get the feel of the rich and famous with folded bills in a great money clip.

For the Grad: It’s a big milestone

A classic monogramWhether your daughter or granddaughter is graduating high school or college, they’re beginning a new phase of their life. What better way to mark it than with a memorable piece of jewelry—and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some tips:

  • Monogrammed jewelry: Whether one letter or all three, necklaces and bracelets with monograms are hot, hot, hot! And you can find them in gold or silver, so there’s a price point for you.
  • Charm bracelets: They’re back! This is a great way to mark all of the important events in your graduate’s life, adding a charm at a time.
charm bracelets are back in style

Charm bracelets are back in style

  • Hearts and flowers: Who can resist a beautiful heart pendent or locket—from your heart to hers. A keepsake that can be passed down for generations.
  • Pearls: If your graduate is setting off for a job on Wall Street or other professional setting, a strand of pearls can be the perfect accessory to a business suit or networking event.
  • A family heirloom: Don’t overlook this opportunity to pass on a necklace, ring, or earrings from the family. It will remind your grad of the generations of love that have come before.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Graduation! Make June a time for new family memories— and possibly future heirlooms. And as always, if I can help you with appraising your current or future heirlooms, whether jewelry, watches, silver pieces, or antiques, let me know.

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