Why You Should Create a Personal Jewelry Catalog

why create personal jewelry catalogWhether a family member has passed away, you are working to get your affairs in order, or you want to have a record of your jewelry collection for another reason, a personal jewelry catalog can be a valuable thing.

This may include your grandma’s necklace from Tiffany and Co., your engagement ring from Kay Jewelers, and a pair of earrings from your local jewelry store. No matter the quality of the jewelry, a personal jewelry catalog can give you a better feel for the value of your jewelry collection.

What is a jewelry catalog?

There are a few things you should understand about creating a personal jewelry catalog. First, a personal jewelry catalog is not the same thing as a fully documented appraisal.

With the catalog, you are simply including a digital photograph of your jewelry, a short description of the item including coloring and the condition of the item, and the value of the item. This is an excellent way to keep a list of your jewelry.

What’s the difference with a certified appraisal?

Certified appraisals will include more detailed information about the jewelry items including more exact information about the jewelry’s weight and the clarity of the diamonds. They can be used as official documentation for insurance, estate, or resale purposes.

If you simply need a document for personal use, you will probably just want a personal jewelry catalog.

A personal jewelry catalog can be especially valuable to family members after someone has passed away. This way, all the information regarding one’s jewelry can be organized in one place. Although we often do not want to think about such occasions, a jewelry catalog can help avoid some of the arguments associated with dividing a person’s estate. The items and their monetary value are all included in one location, making it easier for people to distribute the items in a fair manner.

If you are interested in creating your own personal jewelry catalog or you want more information about the services we offer, please contact us.

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