Close to your heart: All about lockets

locket with gemstonesWhat’s more romantic than a locket? Under its hinged cover it can contain a photo, inscription, or small keepsake that only the wearer has access to. And it keeps the secret close to the heart of the wearer.

Lockets through the ages

Lockets, which come in shapes including ovals, circles, and hearts, have a long history.

  • In medieval times, they contained herbs and aromatic spices.
  • Mourning lockets were used to memorialize lost loved ones, often including a lock of hair.

    A medieval-style locket

  • In Victorian England, lockets took on an even more popular role, as people rushed to have painted portraits of their lovers enclosed in ornate filigree pendants.
  • The “vinaigrette” or perfume locket had a hinged center well that could hold smelling salts or perfume.

Contemporary lockets

Today, lockets are making a comeback, with fine examples in both gold and silver. They’re especially popular as Valentine’s Day gifts.

Tiffany heart locket

As you can see from this lovely example from Tiffany’s, even the simplest of lockets brings a sense of timelessness and intimacy.

They’re available in a range of materials and prices, from silver to gold, bejeweled and filigree. Be on the lookout for pendants that can double as a brooch — for more versatility.

May all your romantic secrets be locked securely in your locket, near your heart.

As always, if I can help you appraise your antique lockets, brooches, or other jewelry and valuables, let me know!

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