6 Tips for Glittering at Your Gathering: Wearing the right jewelry at holiday festivities

Balance a dramatic necklace

‘Tis the season for entertaining—and being entertained. It’s also the time to show off your jewelry so you sparkle along with the candles on the buffet table. Harper’s Bazaar has some great tips for showing off with style.

  1. Balance the bling. Going with a big statement necklace? Balance it with smaller earrings. An armful of bangles? Try a simple pendant and earrings. And, if your dress has an elaborate neckline or ruffled front, a diamond pendant or classy strand of pearls. Got a pair of chandelier earrings? Beautiful! But lighten up on the necklace.
  1. Layer it on. A great style right now is to wear several necklaces in different lengths. But don’t overdo it—too many and it can look as if you’re wearing everything you own.
  1. Dress for “ear-level.” Going to a cocktail party? People will be looking at your eyes. And what’s right in the sight line? Your earrings. So bring out your diamonds, gold jackets, and statement pieces to get the most bang for your bling.
  1. See what others are wearing. See an interesting piece of jewelry? Ask about it. People love to discuss their baubles. This is a great way to fine-tune your taste; you might see a style or gemstone that you never considered, but which is speaking to you.

Decorate your fingers

  1. Dress up your fingers. Eye-catching rings, including gold bands, interesting colored gems, and unusual designs are trendy right now. You can also stack several thin bands. Stones don’t have to break the bank; Quartz, topaz, citrine, and garnets are affordable and can add pop to your outfit.
  1. Boost your bling with a brooch. A dramatic, well-placed brooch can be a great attention-grabber on a solid color dress or top— or use it on a scarf or on your hip for an unexpected burst of sparkle.

A dramatic pin can be a focal point

It’s fun to dress up for holiday gatherings. And I truly believe that if you have beautiful jewels, you should wear and enjoy them. The best way to wear them with confidence is to know that they’re protected in case of damage or loss. And the best way to do that is to start with an updated appraisal. Don’t wait—call me to set up an appointment!

Glitteringly yours, Aimee



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  1. Serge Korkejian January 7, 2017 at 6:03 pm #

    Hello, Thank you for all the helpful information. In your professional opinion, jewelry exceeding the general vicinity of (please fill in dollar amount here) should be appraised and insured. I don’t want to waste my time and the jewelers paying $200 to appraise a $400 strand of Citrine polished stones.
    I noticed you are on the East coast. Would you recommend anyone in LA?

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