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More insurance questions you must ask about your jewelry

We’re continuing our series about issues surrounding insuring your jewelry when you’re at home and away. Jewelry has an emotional tie to us; but if something happens, it pays (literally) to have its value safeguarded by insurance.   Are you covered if there is negligence or carelessness involved? What if you don’t know what happened […]

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5 Jewelry Questions You Must Ask your Insurance Agent

Do you know what to ask to make sure your jewelry’s properly insured? One of the major reasons people contact me to create or update their jewelry appraisals is for insurance purposes. But even with a proper appraisal you need to have the right insurance coverage for your jewelry, silver, and other valuables. To keep […]

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5 Reasons to Have a Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance Purposes

You’d probably prefer not to think about your jewelry treasures being damaged, destroyed or lost during a catastrophe, but it’s prudent to be prepared. Whether you’ve spent years building your fine jewelry collection or you’ve recently acquired your first exquisite piece, you should insure each item to value, just in case the unexpected happens. To do […]

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Get an Insurance Replacement Appraisal for Your Jewelry

Replacing lost, damaged, or stolen jewelry can be difficult. Often items have sentimental value beyond just the monetary value. Although an insurance replacement appraisal cannot replace the sentimental value of a lost item, an appraisal is important to ensure you are paid the monetary value of your jewelry. It is a good idea to take your jewelry to […]

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