Your Appointment

Typically clients do not need to leave their jewelry. In fact, clients are encouraged to stay and observe the appraisal process. Please allow approximately 30 minutes per item.

In order to keep your appraisal experience fun and relaxed, I provide the estimated fee before I start the appraising process so that you can review and accept it.

Appraisal documents are generally completed by the end of each appointment. Of course, clients are able to make arrangements to leave their jewelry and return after the appraisal is completed.

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How to Prepare for Your Appraisal Appointment

1. Collect grading certificates

Please remember to bring your GIA, AGSL, or EGL Certificates for comparison. Although I do my own independent evaluation, for mounted jewelry I may need a depth or diameter measurement or actual weight to complete the evaluation. For this a loose grading certificate is helpful.

2. Clean your jewelry

Try to have your jewelry as clean as possible before your appointment to save time. A thorough cleaning can be done in our office more quickly if your jewelry is reasonably clean to start out with.

3. Write your questions

Write down any questions you may have with your purchase or with the jewelry being appraised so that you won’t forget any major points of concern.