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everything about diamond color - the Hope diamond

Everything About Diamond Color

Does it surprise you to learn that diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, red, yellow, green, and blue? In fact the famous Hope diamond is a dark blue. Most diamonds, though, range from colorless to light yellow to brown, all of which fall in the normal spectrum. A chemically pure and structurally perfect […]

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diamond carat weight

What Is Diamond Carat Weight?

The weight of your diamond, like its color, cut, and clarity, doesn’t change, and so, like these, it’s a good identifying characteristic. It’s important to remember that a diamond’s value is determined using all 4 C’s of diamonds, not just carat weight. The GIA system for weighing diamonds is based on the carat unit of […]

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what is diamond cut by AMB Appraisal

What Is Diamond Cut?

What a diamond does, better than any other substance, is to flash light back to your eye. When a diamond is cut well, the result is the brightness and flashes and sparkling that make us love diamonds. The key to all this light dancing in and around your diamond is the cut and arrangement of […]

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what is diamond clarity.png

What Is Diamond Clarity?

Diamond clarity is part of what makes your diamond unique and special. Like a snowflake, your diamond’s clarity reflects the way it was formed in nature, and in nature’s own way. Every diamond will have some inclusions, or markings, that help identify your very own stones. There are different names for these inclusions, like feathers, […]

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4 Cs of Diamonds

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Let me start by saying that every single diamond, like a snowflake, is unique. Each has its own combination of characteristics: clarity, color, cut, and carat weight, that together make it special. The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) refers to these as the Four C’s of Diamonds. Your diamond’s combination of 4 C’s doesn’t change. […]

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