detailed documentation,
heirloom / family jewelry appraisal report
up to 10 items

This option is most appropriate for those who need professional documentation for insurance, estate, or resale purposes. It also includes a grading report of diamonds larger than 1 carat. The stones may be loose or mounted.

This appraisal document includes:

  • a full item description
  • measurements and grading
  • a digital photograph
  • value of each jewelry item

Single item appraisal documents are $75 each.

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simple documentation,
catalog / inventory report
up to 20 items

This option is useful for those of you who have many items to identify, either for an estate or personal use, and don’t need the level of detail a full written appraisal document would provide, or if the items fall below an insurance deductible.

This is my basic written report, it includes:

  • a description
  • a digital photograph
  • value of each jewelry item

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verbal report
up to 50 items

This option is the most appropriate if you just want to find our what your items are worth, but you don’t need written documentation.

Have you inherited a jewelry box, sterling silver flatware or tea service and don’t know what is real, or if it has any value? I will review your jewelry while you watch, and provide a verbal report to you of its value.