1. What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a written evaluation of your jewelry.

Most appraisals determine how much it would cost to replace your jewelry if damaged or lost. Some appraisals focus on the value of your jewelry as part of a family estate. In either case, the process is the same, and at the end you’ll have complete documentation stating the approximate value of your item along with a detailed description.

2.Why do I need an appraisal?

Your appraisal ensures that in the case of loss, theft, or damage, your insurance company will be able to provide you with the proper monetary compensation for your loss.

Your insurer can rely on the appraisal to calculate a retail price. The more information contained in the appraisal, the better chance you have of receiving a replacement of like kind and quality as the original.

An appraisal is indispensable when trying to ascertain the value of your jewelry for estate purposes, divorce settlements, private sales and loans.

Having an appraisal is also important in the event that you ever need to prove ownership of your jewelry.

3. What is included with my appraisal?

Appraisals can include the following:

  • The value clearly stated
  • A digital color photograph of each piece
  • Documentation of the type and condition of the metal and mounting
  • A description of the stone(s), including grades of clarity, color and cut, measurements and weight.
  • My signature as an accredited gemologist

For non-verbal appraisals, I’ll give you two copies of the appraisal, one of which you can, if you wish, send to your insurance company.

4. What if I already have an appraisal from the store where I bought my jewelry?

An independent appraiser who does not buy or sell jewelry is more likely to give you an unbiased opinion about the true condition and value of your jewelry. You need not worry that you are getting an inflated replacement value.

5. How often do I need to have my jewelry appraised?

Most insurance companies recommend that you have your jewelry appraisal reports updated every three to five years.

6. How long does it take to do a jewelry appraisal? Do I need to leave my jewelry?

Typically clients do not need to leave their jewelry. In fact, clients are encouraged to stay and observe the appraisal process. Please allow approximately 30 minutes per item.

Of course, clients are able to make arrangements to leave their jewelry and return after the appraisal is completed.

7. Do I need to bring any other documentation with me when I come for my appointment?

Yes. In order to give you the most accurate appraisal possible, bring with you any receipts, diamond certificates or diamond reports from GIA, EGL, AGS, etc. This will save time.

8. Do I need to make an appointment for a jewelry appraisal?

Yes. Appointments ensure that each client will receive individual and prompt service. To schedule an appointment please call our office 617-304-0714.

9. What is the GIA?

GIA stands for: Gemological Institute of America.

Founded in 1931 by Roger Shipley, this non- profit organization upholds the highest standards for grading diamonds and other precious gems. The GIA has one of the most-respected and well regarded gemological laboratories in the world; GIA was responsible for developing and standardizing the diamond grading system that is used today by nearly all other gem labs.

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