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The origin of birthstones and the meaning of fall’s gems

We all love hearing about our special birthday month’s birthstone. But did you ever wonder how the stone became associated with the month? And why they have special traits and healing qualities? Here’s some backstory on birthstones. Origin of monthly birthstones The origin of birthstones seems to stem from the bible, namely the twelve stones […]

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Sapphire surprises: 7 things you don’t know about September’s birthstone

As summer turns to fall, we welcome September’s birthstone, the sapphire. This vivid blue gemstone has been prized for centuries. It’s dreamy, yet tough. Mystical, yet grounding. Cool yet filled with passion. Here are 7 surprising facts you didn’t know about sapphires. They’re the same mineral as rubies. Both sapphires and rubies share a common […]

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5 Jewelry Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent Right Now

Why think about jewelry insurance in the summer? Family vacations can be the time when parents or grandparents hand down their heirlooms to children or grandchildren. Make sure this valuable jewelry—and your own gems, including your wedding band and engagement ring— are protected from “oopsies.” This is a great time to examine, or reexamine, your […]

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Celebrating the Ruby: July’s Birthstone, King of Gems

 The ruby, the most valuable of all colored gems, is the birthstone for all you lucky July babies. It’s also the jewel for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. In Sanskrit, ruby is ratnaraj, which means “king of gems.” According to the GIA, “Rubies can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone. This makes […]

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All about pearls, June’s delicate birthstone

Ah, June…the month of brides, summer, and the pearl birthstone. Actually, June has three birthstones (it’s an over-achieving month): besides pearls, there are also moonstones and alexandrite, but let’s focus on the oh-so-classy pearl, so perfect in a necklace, earring, ring, or brooch. They’re treasured for their delicate hues, and for being the only gem […]

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