The top 10 spring colors—and the jewels to wear with them

With the warm weather finally here, the experts at Pantone have named their top 10 hot spring colors. So, with some help from National Jeweler, let’s take a look at these colors and the corresponding (or contrasting) gems that will set them off with flair. Remember, your gems don’t have to be matchy-matchy with your clothes.

Pantone’s 10 top shades for spring

Courtesy of Pantone

Niagara (classic denim blue) / Contrasting gemstone: Tahitian pearls

Primrose yellow (sunny, warm) / Contrasting gemstone: Bright pink spinel or tourmaline

Pale dogwood (blush) / Contrasting gemstone: White moonstone, quartz, or blush pearls

Lapis blue / Contrasting gemstone: Vivid greens, like emeralds and tzavorite


Flame (fiery, red-based) / Contrasting gemstone: How about a bright pink as a contrast: pink spinel or tourmaline

Island paradise (cool aqua) / Contrasting gemstone: Contrasting navy or royal blue sapphires, tanzanite, or lapis

Pink yarrow (hot pink)  / Contrasting gemstone: Black onyx offers a striking contrast

Kale (foliage green) / Contrasting gemstone: Brown-toned stones, like zircon or opals, or minerals like fossils and agate


Greenery (tangy yellow-green), Pantone 2017 color of the year) / Contrasting gemstone: Go across the color wheel and pair it with bright purple for a striking contrast: amethyst, tanzanite, and sapphire

Hazelnut (earthy brown) / Contrasting gemstone: Pearls

If your spring organizing includes getting your jewelry, silver, and other valuables in order—or if you’re ready to find out what those heirloom jewels you’ve inherited are really worth, call for an appraisal. It’s the absolute first step toward organizing your beautiful baubles.

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