November birthstones: Mystery and meaning

thAhh, November birthday girls (and boys)…your birthstones are as beautiful and autumnal as you are: yellow topaz and citrine. Their colors seem to reflect the dark oranges, yellows, and luminous browns of the late-fall leaves. The two stones can be mistaken for one another, but the topaz is harder.

First, the topaz. Named from the Sanskrit for “fire,” it’s been valued throughout history. The Egyptians thought it could protect them from injury. One of the most prized varieties, used for royalty in the 18th and 19th centuries, is actually called “Imperial Topaz” after the powerful Russian czars, who treasured its vibrant orange with pink undertones.

If the topaz is the show-off of the month, your other birthstone, citrine, has not only its pale yellow to th-3dark orange color (from impurities of iron), but also a long history of mystery and meaning. This golden quartz (which gets its name from the Latin “citrina”— yellow) has long been regarded as a healing stone, promoting health, energy, and hope. It’s also called the “success stone” for its alleged ability to bring prosperity and counteract negative energy. So wear it in good health!

So, November jewel-istas, enjoy your two beautiful autumnal gemstones. And happy birthday!

As always, if I can help you with anything, let me know!

Brilliantly yours, Aimee

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