Make the holidays more meaningful with your heirloom jewelry

th-5Do you have a special piece of heirloom jewelry? Maybe it’s from your mother, grandmother, or aunt. Or perhaps you’re thinking of giving a special piece of jewelry to your daughter, daughter in law, or young friend. The holidays are a perfect time to pass along heirloom jewelry as a gift, especially when so many generations of the family are together.

I have a suggestion for making your prized possession even more memorable—don’t just share the jewelry, share the story behind it. Why is this piece so precious to you? How does it link one generation to another?

I have a friend whose mother has a beautiful gold bracelet. She always remembers her mother wearing that bracelet for special occasions. While it will be hers one day, she especially loves her mother telling her the story behind it. Her grandmother, who lived a simple life, got it from a street peddler at the turn of the century. She’d save what little extra money she had and pay a small amount every time he came around. After a while, it was hers, and she wore it for every special occasion.

th-3With that story, a lovely bracelet turned into a meaningful memory. And while a recent appraisal I just performed showed that it had appreciated in value over the years, its real worth was its link to generations past.

So, while you’re planning for the holidays, consider which piece of your heirloom jewelry means the most to you. Let your heirs know the story behind it. And if you’re lucky enough to be given an heirloom as a gift yourself, be sure to ask the giver for the tale behind it. Jewelry may be valuable, but it’s the story behind it that makes it an heirloom.

th-8If you’re thinking about passing any of your jewelry along, make sure you can pass along its appraisal so the recipient can insure the piece appropriately. Call me to set up an appointment before you get tied up with holiday chores and celebrations.

Brilliantly yours, Aimee

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