Create a legacy with your jewelry this holiday season

A charm bracelet carries many memories

A charm bracelet carries many memories

A large amount of my appraisal work involves valuing and cataloging heirloom jewelry. Some have been bought as part of a collection over the years. But the ones most lovingly handed over to me to catalog, are heirloom pieces, passed down from generation to generation as a legacy.

Holiday season is prime time for passing along prized possessions while the family is gathered together.

“This will always remind me of you”

We may want our children or relatives to have our jewelry and silver for a variety of reasons, but we generally have a deeper desire: that when they wear or use our prized possessions, that they’ll remember us. That’s the very meaning of a legacy.

One client has a plain gold wedding band. While she has her own diamond engagement and wedding rings, she readily admits that this simple band means the most to her. Why? It belonged to her grandmother. When she looks at it, she remembers the wonderful times that they had together and the wisdom that was shared throughout the years. It’s a true legacy.

A classic strand of pearls

A classic strand of pearls

Tips for creating your legacy

  • Choose a piece of your jewelry that is classic and timeless. That gaudy piece that looked cool 30 years ago isn’t going to make it out of the jewelry case.
  • Accompany the piece with a good story. Your loved one will always remember how you got it, whether it was for the birth of a child or a special event. The background can turn the jewelry from a lovely piece to a true heirloom that ties generation to generation. Write it down, so it’s not forgotten.
  • Don’t forget the men in your life. A legacy piece doesn’t have to be a diamond ring or pearl necklace. A fine watch, gold cufflinks, or silver money clip will be a meaningful link from generation to generation.

Don’t forget the men in your life

From generation to generation

This holiday, think about your most prized heirloom. What makes it so special to you? Chances are there’s a connection to your family, a great story, and a special feeling that you get when you wear it. Is it time for you to continue the tradition to the next generation? If you do decide to pass your heirloom along, let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

Do your children, nieces, and nephews a favor and get a up-to-date appraisal for the jewelry or silver pieces you’re passing along. Along with the legacy value, they’ll have a sense of the actual value of the piece. Call me today to set up an appointment.

Sentimentally yours, Aimee

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