Love is in the air: Hearts, flowers, jewelry, and love, love, love

Jewelry and love. Nothing says love like a beautiful piece of jewelry. And in this season of love, we’re all about classic, romantic pieces with hearts and flowers.


As the part of us that represents life, giving and wearing a heart necklace represents pure love. It’s timeless and never goes out of style. And when you wear it, it hangs next to your heart. Just look at how truly romantic these are…

Courtesy of Koblenz & Co.

And the most romantic heart necklace of all…
The “Heart of the Ocean” from the movie Titanic
was recreated by Asprey & Garrard. It features a 171-carat heart-shaped sapphire surrounded by diamonds, valued at $20 million.


They don’t wilt; they don’t fade. The Romantic period of the 1800s introduced the natural look of flowers. According to the V&A Museum, flowers were used to express love and friendship. Just wear one of these and bring nature into your life year-round…





A heart-shaped box of chocolates is nice, but nothing says love like a beautiful piece of jewelry with hearts and flowers. Whether you’re treated to a jewel of love—or whether you treat yourself—be sure that its true value is protected by an appraisal and insurance. It all starts with a simple phone call (617-304-0174), email, or visit to my website!

Brilliantly yours, Aimee

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