Keep your jewelry safe this holiday season

Holiday season can be a crazy time of shopping, crowds, and travel. It’s also prime time for buying jewelry. Here, direct from National Jeweler, are some tips for keeping your jewelry safe (and your sanity intact) when you’re buying and carrying  valuables this time of year.

  1. Bag it up. When you juggle lots of small bags, one can slip out of your hands before you know it. Either bring a large tote with you or get a larger bag from one of the stores you’re going into. Think twice about using a bag with the jeweler’s name on it (you’re just advertising that you have expensive jewelry in it!).
  2. Keep your info to yourself. Shield your PIN number or other personal information when you’re making your purchase, away from prying eyes.
  3. Keep it under wraps. Consider keeping the small jewelry box away from under your tree until it’s time to open presents. Any thieves breaking in will focus on a beautifully wrapped, small jewelry box.
  4. Keep it safe during your travels. Never pack expensive gifts in your checked baggage; keep them close to you. Consider not bringing your pricey jewelry with you on a trip; if you have to, use hotel or cruise safes. And be aware of your surroundings in an unfamiliar area.
  5. Get it appraised! When you’re buying a piece of jewelry as a gift—add an appraisal as part of the gift. That will make it easier for the recipient to insure the piece. (This is good advice if you’re treating yourself to a gift of jewelry, too!)

Whether you’re buying jewelry as a gift, buying it for yourself (or helping someone buy that special piece for you), keep safe and enjoy the season—along with all of the joy you’ll have from your purchase in years to come.

If I can help you appraise new or heirloom jewelry, let me know! It’s fast, easy, and can give you peace of mind in case of loss.

Always in the holiday spirit, Aimee

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