How to keep your new jewelry safe and shiny

Whatever holiday you celebrate, chances are you—or someone you know—received a special piece of jewelry as a gift. A new engagement ring, or a pearl necklace, or a stunning pair of earrings. Maybe a parent o r grandparent handed down a treasured heirloom. Enjoy! And take a look at these tips on how to keep the holiday glow blazing for your new bling.

Protect it. With all the activity around the holidays, It may not be tops on your to-do list, but do let your insurance agent know about your new jewelry. With current gold prices, that lovely old locket or earring set could be very valuable. If you have access to a recent appraisal, let your agent know. If not, you should get one, so the piece can be insured right away.

True story: One client had some lovely pieces she asked me to appraise. I noticed she was wearing several gold bracelets. When I asked her about appraising her, she answered, “No, when I got these they weren’t worth much.” Bottom line: Each one was worth over $1,000!

Store it. If you got a receipt for the jewelry, send a copy to your insurer. And make sure to keep the original in a safe place.

Maintain it. Most jewelry doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep it sparkling. Generally, a soft cloth can wipe off makeup that may have ended up on a necklace. For sterling silver, keep it in a sealed plastic bag to keep tarnish at bay. Pearls should be stored in a fabric pouch so they’re not scratched. And for gold and other metals, a little mild diluted dish detergent can get grime off. Again, always wipe with a soft cloth. Keep gemstones away from heat and chemicals.

Secure it. Think about getting a safe…it’s not only for the rich and famous. Plus, you can use it to store your valuable papers and documents.

I always tell my clients to enjoy their jewelry, not hide it away, forgotten. You’ll feel better wearing your brilliant pieces with the knowledge that they’re protected and in good condition. I’m here to help you with an updated or new appraisal—the first start to getting the insurance coverage you need to protect your valuables.

Brilliantly yours, Aimee

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