Jewelry good luck charms: Wear your talisman

Hamsas are popular talismans

Hamsas are popular talismans

At a recent  jewelry convention I was struck by the number of talismans, or good luck charms, that I saw in gold, silver, and gemstones. Think about the popularity of Pandora and Alex and Ani. Their products weave stories of health, friendship, success, and good luck around every bead and bracelet.

Talismans through history

The term “talisman” comes from the Greek word “teleo,” to make happen. People have always been ready to believe that a talisman has the power to protect  from evil or bad luck. The ancient Egyptians revered the scarab, or beetle, as well as an ankh, a cross with a circle at the top, which was a symbol of life. Amulets of lions, bears, boars, and mythical beasts have been found as far back as Roman times.

Popular amulets/talismans

  • Hamsa: Also known as the Hand of Fatima and the Hand of Mary. This depiction of an open right hand is a sign of protection against the evil eye. It’s been used to protect mothers in labor—and their newborns. Hamsas are very popular in jewelry right now and can be found in a variety of precious metals and gemstones.

    Warding off the evil eye

    Warding off the evil eye

  • Eyes: Also known as the evil eye. Again, every culture has its own type of evil eye (sent by jealous people to those more successful). The depiction of an eye is believed to “reflect” the bad wishes back to the evil-thinker.
  • Feathers: Ancient peoples believed that birds carried stories and magic. Certainly native Americans feature feathers in their rituals and costumes. Today, many believe that feathers can attract good luck and repel bad things.

Other talismans

  • Italian horn, also known as a “cornetto”
  • Horseshoe
  • Four-leaf clover
  • Elephants
  • Wishbone

Whatever gives you comfort and a sense of good luck, you can find your good luck charms or talismans in gold, silver, platinum, or base metals and in every combination of gemstones.

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