Say Happy Fathers Day with jewelry for that special man

While women are the majority of jewelry buyers (and wearers), men appreciate a handsome gold or silver accessory, too. Whether it’s a new watch, a commemorative ring, or a gold chain, here are some Fathers Day gift ideas for the man in your life. (And if you have a recent grad in your family, these suggestions will work beautifully for him!)

Jewelry for men isn’t new…the Museum of London hosted an exhibit of men’s jewelry throughout the years, including 18th century watch chains and signet rings. Here are some ideas for the perfect gift for your guy:

Ring: Sure, he may have a wedding band, but he still has ten fingers! Is he a pinky ring kind of guy? There are signet rings, rings with stones, and even glow-in-the-dark rings!

Watch: We’ve discussed the allure of collectible vintage watches. If he’s a collector—or dreams of being one—why not gift him with a professional appraisal as a gift so he learns the true value of his collection? Or a subscription to an antique watch magazine like WatchTime? Or make friends with your local watch specialist so you can find the next specimen for his collection.

Gold chain/bracelet: While gold necklaces may not be as hot as they once were, bracelets for men are bigger and trendier than ever. Leather, gold, silver, or stretch…every major designer is offering men’s collections. An online search shows a range of styles and prices to fit every wallet.


  • Money clips and keychains: There are some great options in keychains and money clips in a range of prices. Sterling silver and tungsten are hot metals right now. (But if you’re getting a money clip, make sure that he’ll use it instead of a wallet.)
  • Cufflinks: This standard is for the man who appreciates clothes (and French cuffs!) because they’re both functional and decorative. Whether they’re “whale back”—a flat head, straight post, and a “tail” that flips, or “bullet-back,” with a hollow frame and a narrow cylinder that flips out, or posts, your dad, husband, or grad will thank you the next time he has an event that requires cufflinks.
  • Sterling silver belt buckle: Great for the man who has everything!

Happy Fathers Day! Give your guy a little shine and glitter in his life. And if you need to insure his new gift, existing valuable, or heirloom, call me first. I’m ready to help!

Brilliantly yours, Aimee



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