Get that holiday sparkle: Use your jewelry to be a seasonal sensation

Holidays are the perfect excuse to make your sparkle extra bright with your beautiful jewelry! So take out your biggest, boldest gems, necklaces, bracelets, and rings—this  is the time to make a statement. Here are some ideas on how to balance your heirloom and newest jewels with style.

Match your jewels to your little black dress

Since Coco Chanel popularized it, the LBD is always in style. Best of all, it gives you a clean palette for wearing your jewels. And almost anything goes!

  • Try a bold, or glittery necklace that fits your dress’s neckline. Or that heirloom brooch that might be too bold for everyday wear. For earrings, bring out your chandelier sparklers.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a dramatic bracelet. Got diamonds? This is the perfect time to bring them out! What better backdrop than black?

Decorate your neckline

Look through your jewelry box to see which different lengths you have . This is the time to mix and match. As mentioned above, make sure you match your necklace with your neckline. For a high neckline, you can easily use layers or a long strand of beads. For a modestly rounded neckline or V-neck, consider a choker or slightly longer length.

Tips for keeping the sparkle chic and updated

Here are some ideas from Harper’s Bazaar:

  • Know when to keep it simple: If your sweater, dress, or top has a lot going on, minimize the sparklies. Simple diamond or pearl studs will accent, not take away from your clothing.
  • If you have a dramatic piece of jewelry, keep it simple with the other pieces.
  • If you’re wearing glittery chandelier earrings, don’t wear a necklace; it’ll be too distracting.
  • Have a big heirloom brooch? This is the time to wear it and make a statement. You can put it on your hip or on a scarf. If you have a cardigan sweater, you can use the brooch as a closure.
  • If you have a few small pins, consider wearing them together in an interesting pattern.

So, holiday babes, rock those jewels as you rock around the tree. This is the time to take your heirloom and statement pieces out to make a statement. And as you take stock of your jewelry, make sure you have an updated appraisal. Call me at 617-304-0174 and avoid the post-holiday rush.

Sparklingly yours, Aimee


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