What Is Diamond Clarity?

Diamwhat is diamond clarity.pngond clarity is part of what makes your diamond unique and special. Like a snowflake, your diamond’s clarity reflects the way it was formed in nature, and in nature’s own way. Every diamond will have some inclusions, or markings, that help identify your very own stones.

There are different names for these inclusions, like feathers, or clouds, or knots, and, like a fingerprint, they give your diamond its own personality.

A trained appraiser, working with a microscope, can spot and name your diamond’s inclusions, where they are located, and exactly what they are like. The appraiser then makes a map of the stone’s inclusions. With this information, the appraiser can then determine how the inclusions may affect the overall appearance of your diamond, and rank them according to the GIA’s clarity scale. The result is a clarity grade unique to your own stone.

The GIA scale contains 11 different grades. For example, a highly graded stone might have only a tiny pinpoint visible with 10x magnification. A stone with a lower grade might have a tiny crystal visible to the eye through its crown.

GIA Diamond Clarity

The GIA Clarity Scale (Photo Credit)

Each of us has a different preference when it comes to selecting a diamond with the traits we like the best. For some people, clarity is vital, but other people are more interested in color, or size, or how the stone was cut. A professional appraiser can show you all of these traits and help you understand the true nature of your diamond.

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