Determining the True Value of an Engagement Ring with a Professional Appraisal

Determine True Value Engagement Ring Professional AppraisalWhen a major investment is made in an engagement ring you should take some very important steps in order to protect it.

One of the ways to do this is to insure its value based on an appraisal. This needs to be done by a qualified appraiser so an exact value of the engagement ring can determined. In many cases, the amount paid won’t adequately reflect the true value of an engagement ring.

According to an article in Brides Magazine, “A thorough appraisal will include the carat weight, cut, color, and clarity of all the diamonds, the carat weight and shape of any colored stones, the metal type and fineness or karat, as well as any identifying marks, hallmarks, or stamps.”


There are certain circumstances where a large diamond engagement ring will require a diamond certificate or grading report. This can be obtained from a third party such as a gemological laboratory. These laboratories will be able to create a check list for qualifications. A appraiser must use this list to determine the specific value of a diamond. This is done to make certain the valuation is accurate. Should a diamond be stolen, the details listed in the grading report can also be used to help track it down and identify it.

Reputable Appraiser

When looking for a qualified appraiser it is important to check references and any reviews about them. Many of the best appraisers have earned graduate degrees in gemology. They will also belong to professional appraiser organizations. The worth of a good appraiser is getting the most accurate estimate of a diamond’s value. If an appraisal is too high, it could lead to excessive monthly insurance costs.

Reappraise Benefits

If someone is receiving a family diamond engagement ring or hasn’t had an appraisal done on their own in a long time, a reappraisel may be beneficial. At the very least, a reappraisal will help keep an insurance policy inline with the value of the engagement ring. Going with a person who did the first appraisal will mean they can use information from their original work. This will help them be more accurate when determining an engagement rings value.

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