Caring for Your New (and old) Diamonds

diamondsWhether you have a new engagement ring (congratulations!) or a beloved family heirloom, your diamonds need some special care to keep their luster.

  • Keep it set. You probably know that diamonds are one of the hardest gems around. They can even scratch metal. That means that they can wear down a prong or setting, loosen, and potentially fall out. So have your setting checked periodically, at least once a year.
  • Keep it clean. Daily wear, with skin oil, lotions, and soap, can dull your diamond’s brilliance. Use a soft cloth to clean it, or a commercial jewelry cleaner. Steaming and ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided, according to the Gemological Institute of America. And be careful of harsh abrasives — and bleach — while you’re cleaning.


  • Keep it safe. While a pool’s chlorine won’t harm your diamond, it may damage a gold band. Also, if you’re swimming and your cold fingers shrink, your ring could slide off, so be extra careful.
  • Keep it near. If you do take off your ring to wash your hands at home, don’t leave it on the edge of the sink — it can fall down the drain. And don’t take it off at all in public, or you risk forgetting it and/or losing it forever.

Your diamond really is forever. And with a few simple actions, you can keep it as shiny and beautiful as the day you got it.

As always, if I can help you with anything, let me know!

Brilliantly yours, Aimee

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