6 Tips for Taking Care of Your New Engagement Ring

According to a recent survey, almost a quarter of you say that Christmas Eve is the best day of the year to pop the question. If you (or a loved one) is newly engaged, congratulations! Here are some tips to make sure it stays safe and sparkling, courtesy of Brides.com and TheKnot.com.

  1. Make a call—to your insurance agent. As I’ve written before, “oopsies” happen. If you need an appraisal, call me to arrange one. Get insurance so your new, beautiful investment is financially protected.
  1. Be careful when you take it off. Wash your hands often, but don’t take your engagement ring off if you’re in public. If you leave it on the side of a sink it can drop down the drain in a heartbeat. (This goes for doing the dishes, too.) However, if you’re going to be playing sports, do take it off so you don’t risk damaging it.
  1. Keep it safe. If you do take your engagement ring off for sports or at the gym (see #2), make sure you have a safe place to store it, like a separate box or pouch so it doesn’t get scratched.
  1. Have it cleaned professionally. You don’t have to do it often, but be careful not to harm your beautiful stone.
  1. Watch out for harsh chemicals. When you’re cleaning around the house, consider wearing rubber gloves if you’re using bleach, soap, or harsh products. They can damage the finish of your ring and even some colored gemstones.
  1. Make a date—with your jeweler. Have your jeweler check your engagement ring’s prongs and shank once a year to make sure they’re not loose. They’ll generally clean your ring for free.

If your engagement ring is new, not-so-new, or a cherished family heirloom, you should have an updated appraisal every five years or so. Start off the year right and call for your appointment.

Engagingly yours, Aimee

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