6 must-have jewelry trends for summer

As warm weather pushes out cool spring nights, it may be time to shed clothes—but not jewels! But the jewelry trends the designers are showing for summer are different from their winter designs.

Layer your necklaces

To quote InStyle, warm days are for “gold hoops of all sizes and pendants that layer from your chin to your collarbone, all the way to bracelets and rings that tell a story. Bling-wise, we may be sizing down in scale but we aren’t cutting back on quantity.”

Here are a few of the summer jewelry trends you’ve got to get in on, from InStyle and Vogue:

  1. Statement necklaces: Chokers are giving way to long necklaces with chunky pearl, mineral, or deco pendants.
  2. Layering: Necklaces, rings, bracelets…pile ‘em on! The more, the merrier.
  3. Gold hoop earrings: Gold is back after seasons of silver. Whether you’re going with large, thin hoops or chunky art pieces, make a statement with them!
  4. Unpolished minerals: Designers, from Givenchy to Stella McCartney, are featuring natural, unpolished gems in the raw.

    Unpolished stones make a statement

  5. “Starstruck”: Hollywood celebs are wearing stars, moons, planets…nothing’s too far out of this world.
  6. Passementerie: This is an old style that’s back—with tassels and a variety of fiberwork,


There you have it! Whether you’re going for costume or updating your fine jewelry, summer is the time to let it shine. And if I can help you value your old—or new—jewelry, let me know. I’m happy to help!

Brilliantly yours, Aimee


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