6 Tips for buying diamond jewelry this holiday season

th-5Thinking about buying diamond jewelry this season? When you’re surrounded by holiday excitement, music, and decorations, it can be easy to get carried away. Add the shiny beauty of diamonds and other gemstones, and getting carried away can be expensive!

Before you go gaga over glitter…

If you’re buying diamond jewelry or helping someone else buy some, here are some important tips for making the best choice for your taste and budget and getting the most for your money.

I turned to my alma mata, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), for their suggestions about this important—and expensive—purchase. Here are some of their Diamond Buying Tips:


  1. Do your homework. The 4Cs—carat, clarity, color, and cut—are your basic building blocks for understanding what kind of diamond you’re getting. Chances are, the diamonds you’re looking at while you’re at the jeweler’s will have these classifications. We’ve discussed the 4Cs in detail in other blogs, so click on the links above to learn more.
  1. Have a sense of how much you want to spend. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re facing trays of diamond jewelry. But go in to the store with a figure in mind. You might also want to think about which of the 4Cs you’re willing to compromise on…maybe a smaller diamond with better clarity. It’s personal preference.
  1. Go to a trained jeweler. You wouldn’t choose an unaccredited lawyer or doctor. A jeweler will often belong to professional associations and industry groups. The GIA grades diamonds, so that’s one organizational link to look for.
  1. Ask for an independent diamond grading report. This is an assessment of the diamond’s quality and lists their evaluation of the stone’s 4Cs.
  1. Protect your diamond. A recent way of securing diamonds is with a microscopic laser inscription. This number, which is invisible to the eye, can identify your stone if it’s ever lost or stolen. A laser description doesn’t damage the stone, and doesn’t take away from its value.
  1. Insure your diamond. Another very important way to protect your diamond is to have an independent appraisal and get an accurate insurance rider for it. As a Graduate Gemologist, I’ve studied at the Geological Institute of America and am experienced in appraising diamonds and other gemstones.


Have a glittering holiday season. And may you get all the diamond jewelry that you’re dreaming of!

Glitteringly yours, Aimee

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