5 Jewelry Questions You Must Ask your Insurance Agent

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Protect your heirloom jewelry

Do you know what to ask to make sure your jewelry’s properly insured? One of the major reasons people contact me to create or update their jewelry appraisals is for insurance purposes. But even with a proper appraisal you need to have the right insurance coverage for your jewelry, silver, and other valuables.

To keep your beloved heirlooms safely insured, here are 5 questions to ask your insurance agent (with thanks to Gail Levine, NAJA):

  1. Do I need a separate policy for my jewelry?
    Some jewelry may be covered under your homeowners policy. Any pieces of value, however, will likely need a rider or separate policy. Be sure to get the specifics from your agent.
  2. What proof do I need to justify my claim?
    Your insurer may require proof of purchase for your jewelry — such as receipts — so be sure to keep them in a safe place. If you’ve been given jewelry as a gift or it’s heirloom, an appraisal can often serve as valid proof.
  3. If a piece is damaged, can I replace it or am I limited to repair?
    Protect your favorite watch

    Protect your favorite watch

    Some policies may only give you a replacement, not a cash settlement. Make sure that whichever option you have, you’re aware of it and it’s what you want.

  4. Can I go to whomever I want to for a claim assessment and/or replacement?
    You may want the freedom to go to your own jeweler of choice, but some policies may insist on one from their own preferred list.
  5. Get the right insurance for your valuables

    Get the right insurance for your valuables

    Is there a deductible?
    If so, how much is it? Will a larger deductible increase your policy cost? And if so, how comfortable are you (and your budget) with that?

Most insurance policies will expect you to have an appropriate appraisal, so make sure yours is up to date. Contact me to set up an appointment to discuss your valuation needs.

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