2 Reasons to Get an Engagement Ring Appraisal for Grandma’s Ring

Appraising Grandma's Ring

So you have found the right woman. You know she is the one you want by your side for the rest of your life. You may have even  planned out the perfect proposal. Your grandma has even passed her beautiful engagement ring down to you so you can give it to the one you love.

Even if the ring has a sentimental value to your family, its actual value may be ambiguous. So getting an expert opinion on how much your grandmother’s heirloom is worth is probably a smart thing to do. At the end of the day it IS the love of your life you are giving it to, right?

Perhaps it is time to consider an engagement ring appraisal of Grandmother’s ring.

#1 Know The Value of your Grandmother’s Ring

One of the best reasons to to appraise the engagement ring is to give yourself a little peace of mind. Without an appraisal, you may never know if the ring is worth thousands of dollars or only worth a few hundred dollars. Although real love is not about the size of the ring or the value of the ring, there is a certain level of pride that goes along with it. For many people it is important to know that they own a quality ring and certainly many of us like to brag and show it off from time to time.

Getting the ring appraised can give you assurance. Even if the ring’s true value doesn’t align with your expectations, you still want to emphasize its sentimental value. Maybe the outcome of the appraisal will help you choose to purchase another. You might decide to give the ring to her, knowing she will love it no matter what. You could also promise an upgrade later on in your careers.

#2 Appraising for Insurance

A second reason to get Grandma’s ring appraised is for insurance purposes. Since you did not purchase the ring, you probably do not know how much it is actually worth. Getting an appraisal of it can help you get started on a personal jewelry catalog for you and your future wife. The future is uncertain. No matter how careful you are, you never know when something may happen to this important family heirloom.

At the end of the appraisal, the insurance certificate will include will include all the details about your grandmother’s ring such as:

  • A complete description of the ring
  • A description of the precious stones used
  • The retail replacement value of the ring

Having your grandmother’s ring insured will protect you from future misfortunes and will give you peace of mind knowing the actual value of the piece of jewelry you own.

Contact us to get an appraisal of your engagement ring as well as any other jewelry you may need appraised and insured.

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